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One in five New Zealand school children go to school hungry, some without breakfast or lunch and it’s hard to concentrate on an empty stomach. Many more children have poor or limited diets lacking in the amino acids, vitamins and minerals required for healthy development.

Numerous studies conducted in both New Zealand and overseas have demonstrated a link between nutrition and learning, showing the beneficial effects of restoring nutrition to the appropriate level. Clinical studies have shown that not having breakfast can adversely affect learning outcomes.

It was clear that what was needed was a long shelf life, ready-to-eat, affordable supplemented food that would make up the nutritional deficiencies evident in the diets of New Zealand school children.

So, we invented the Amigo Bar.

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How you can help

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5-star rated Amigo Bar

Created by the Sir Ray Avery Foundation, the Amigo Bar is New Zealand's first five-star rated supplemented food bar formulated for children aged 4 - 14 years old. 

Amigo Bars contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals that all New Zealand school children will benefit from. When Amigo Bars are part of a healthy and varied diet they provide Protein, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc to assist with normal growth and development of children. 

Our goal is to turn hangry Hangry face faces into happy Happy face faces

The Amigo Bars have been developed by children for children to nurture and grow great New Zealanders

The key challenge was to get the Amigo Bar right and to do that, the Sir Ray Avery Foundation went straight to the consumers – the children. 

One of the hidden problems facing many parents today is that kids rarely enjoy healthy foods. So, the Amigo Team spent time engaging with hundreds of school children getting their input at every stage of the development of the Amigo Bars. They have chosen the Amigo Bar name, logo design and colours, selected the flavours they like and even taste tested the most popular flavours.

How does the Amigo Bar taste?
"Like a rainbow!"
Poppy - age 4

The Amigo Bar School Nutrition Program launched in June, 2019 thanks to the generous support of the Ted Manson Foundation. We will supply free samples of Amigo Bars and nutritional education packs to schools to help improve children’s awareness of good nutrition choices.

A box of Amigo Bars

The Amigo School Nutrition Packs

The Amigo School Nutrition Pack contains enough Amigo Bars for a child in need to enjoy during the school holidays. Lisa King, Founder of Eat My Lunch, noticed a decline in children’s nutrition levels during the holidays when children were not able to access school lunch deliveries. The Amigo School Nutrition Pack is created to fill this gap. We have partnered with Eat My Lunch to help us deliver these packs for kids to take home during the school holidays.   

The Amigo School Nutrition Pack also contains nutritional information about Amigo Bars and how to make better food choice.

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“I believe the Amigo Bar is a very practical and cost-effective addition to addressing the poor nutrition evident in New Zealand school children and allowing our kids to be all that they can”
Sir Ray Avery

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