An Inspiring Podcast about the Resilience of Ray and the story behind the Amigo Bar, by Liz Gunn

Amigo Nutrition

Sir Ray speaks with Liz Gunn about his innate resilience, his vision for a better future for others and his latest innovation to ensure hungry children get essential nutrition.

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Sir Ray Avery has contributed much to New Zealand and other countries and says that he is still driven to make a difference to the lives of those who struggle, even as he still counts himself lucky to have perhaps a decade more to make the change for the better.
Ray talked with Liz Gunn at Manifest Studios about the challenges he has had to overcome, the inner resources he has developed because of the those challenges, and his vision for a better future for others, including his latest innovation, a nutrient dense Amigo Bar to ensure hungry children get their “Essential Nutrition in One Bar”.

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Amigo Nutrition
Amigo Bars are invented by The Sir Ray Avery Foundation. A New Zealand Charitable Organisation committed to developing innovative, affordable products and technologies that make a significant and measurable impact on improving access to quality healthcare on a global scale.
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